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testimonials from customers who have purchased awesome powerpoint backgrounds

Your name is so apt: awesome!!!
Your site is one of the very best I've ever visited! So clear and user-friendly!

The ease of ordering and installing your template backgrounds was a pleasure ... for me, a technological klutz!! You have really thought it through extremely well from a customer's perspective.
My thanks and congratulations!

Brian Woolf
Retail Strategy Center
Greenville, SC, USA

powerpointbackgrounds.com has the best PowerPoint backgrounds in the business. They also have one of the most thoughtful websites for worldwide e-commerce providing pricing in various local currencies, excellent customer support and a friendly attitude. I highly recommend their backgrounds to everyone!

Denny Yost
Vice President of Marketing
MindLeaders "e-Learning that works"

Simply put, it was just the look of your templates. The backgrounds just hit me as being professional looking as opposed to some of the others. I find that before I received your templates I would just make my own. You people gave me the professional look that I was looking for and the added convenience of not having to customize the presentation with animation.

Thanks Again, you made me look good

Nice variety, easy to use

Westek Electronics

"Your PowerPoint backgrounds are exceptional -- Professional and unashamedly top quality."

BizMark Technologies

Your backgrounds are excellent, by the way. I particularly like that they are provided by category and available by download. That means I can buy what I need when I need it at short notice (as I did with ‘medical’ for the presentation I am preparing for a speaker addressing a seminar for senior medical consultants) instead of swelling my ever larger library of templates, images and effects on a just-in-case basis.


I downloaded your Security Templates today and they're great! Installation was easy and your tutorials have taught me as much as some of the expensive books on PowerPoint that I've purchased.

J. Casey Camper,CML, CPS
Security Concepts, Inc.

Great!! That's all I can say. Great!!

"I'm very impressed with the service. You are efficient, fast, friendly and client oriented. I feel like you're right next door."

Sylvie Poirier, Fisheries and Oceans - Canada

"Thank you so much. It's definitely not something I could have done myself, and will make our presentations look so much more professional."

M. Witsil, - Souriau.com

The awesome backgrounds were very easy to download. Once downloaded, they were very easy to use and follow. They looked very professional.

"Thanks everso much for all your help. Will definitely be using this website again - as the name suggests, it's "awesome" and so is the service!"

Lesley Saxton, UK

"Your Powerpoint backgrounds provide a clean and crisp atmosphere to a presentation. They are decidedly different and eminently usable."

Palm Beach Investment Advisors

Simply the best way I've ever found to get unique, powerful backgrounds!!

G. Scott Walker
Manager, Global Technical Access Center

"Thank you very much again, great product!!! (much better than any product I have seen yet, and trust me, I have researched this!!!)"

Martin Charron - Transport Canada

Just wanted to say thanks for delivering the goods - nice, clean site, and I appreciate the value I just received in a very quick and simple manner. I got high quality stuff I can work with for a fraction of what my Ad Agency would have charged...I will not hesitate to refer friends.

Mike Cerick
EVP Sales and Marketing
META Security Group - Sustainable Risk Management

Having background and themes done ahead of time - allows me to concentrate on the material I want to present and not on the formatting. I especially like the transitions with music which you have done and allowed people to download. it is very good and shows a degree of creativity I lack. Thanks for doing that one."

Maria Andrews

"The best value Power Point products online. Definitely awesome!"

Rose Taberner
Secretarial Solutions

"Thank you so much for taking the time to send the backgrounds. They are so much more than I expected. I thought it would be just 10 individual slides with only the background on them.

Your prompt attention was very sincerely appreciated...as is the follow through. Very good customer service! No wonder your title is "MVP." You've certainly earned it in my book!!"


"By the way, your backgrounds are absolutely marvellous, easy to use and well worth every 'penny', with an excellent after sales service."

N. Conn

Testimonials from visitors to our web site

"Your PowerPoint tips are simply superb! What a great resource! I've been using PowerPoint for years and have even conducted classes in it, yet I've learned a bunch of new things from your site."

Hanoch McCarty
Motivational Speaker, Educator, Trainer

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