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Tutorial about how to draw cool beveled boxes in powerpoint

This quick tutorial guides you through how to draw quick beveled boxes in all versions of Powerpoint.
It's great for:

a tutorial all about creating beveled boxes in powerpoint Metallic Globe from the Globes Set
  • Adding a quick professional touch to your presentations
  • Creating cool boxes that you can use on titles, section breaks and diagrams
  • Making your own style of boxes that you can re-use
  • Impressing your fellow powerpoint users
  • FREE Downloadable files available at the end of the tutorial

Quick Beveled Boxes in PPT

1 Start Powerpoint.
Open your slideshow, or create a New Blank Presentation.

These are the four easy steps you are going to do...
4 simple steps
2 Make sure the 'snap on grid' is switched ON.
The setting for the Snap-On-Grid is located on the Draw Menu.
For powerpoint 97: Draw > Snap > To Grid
For powerpoint 2002: Draw > Grid and Guides > Snap objects to grid camtasia recorder - input set to screen
3 Draw a rectangle on your slide big enough to hold your text.
If your rectangle has an outline color, give the shape no line color. Line Color > no line
one rectangle in powerpoint
4 Fill color > Fill Effects
camtasia recorder - input set to screen
5 Gradient > One Color > choose a nice mid bright color (eg. Navy Blue or Red)
Tick Diagonal Up and choose the 1st Variant. Shown here with the red circle. Then click OK
gradient fill in powerpoint
6 Draw another rectangle on your slide, but this time draw it slightly smaller on top of the existing rectangle. The snap on grid will help you get the size just right
one rectangle in powerpoint
7 Choose the same fill colour, but this time tick the 2nd variant. Shown here with the yellow circle. Click OK
gradient fill in powerpoint
8 While the 2nd text box is still selected, Press F2 on your keyboard to enter your text. Just start typing.
9 Select the Color, font and align your text as normal
10 That's it. We told you it was quick
Tip: Experiment with other autoshapes, colors and fill types.
The free sample file contains some examples.
experiment with other shapes in powerpoint
Download free awesome backgrounds for powerpoint

awesome powerpoint backgrounds


To download the files used in this tutorial right click the image below, then choose "Save target as" (IE), or "Save Link As" (Netscape).

Right click here to download the tutorial files
  • The file contains more example beveled boxes tutorial. Filesize 0.25mb
Have Fun!

Please Note: Although we have made every effort to check the files against viruses at all stages of production. It is always wise to run a virus checker on any software before running it. By Default! cannot accept responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or computer system which may occur while using either either the CD-Rom or downloaded files. It is assumed that by downloading the files you accept these conditions. Otherwise do not use the awesome backgrounds for powerpoint.

See the new awesome backgrounds for powerpoint

 By Default!

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